Thursday, 22 December 2016

Claire and Lee - at Tankersley!

A nice bright day, cool but no rain, and its off to Tankersley Manor. I am being spoilt; Tankersley is only 15 minutes away. First job would be to get the Photo-booth built and ready for the evening then off to see our bride. Even after 30 years I still have a few butterflies and I must have photographed the wedding at least ten times over during my sleep the night before! I was really early so I spent a bit of time chatting with Beverly Clarke as she was setting up the beautiful wedding cake. She told me she does it more as a hobby from her home in Mexborough rather than professionally but I must say the cake was a show-piece. So off to see Claire. She was looking good being made up by Jennifer Law as I entered the room. Her six bridesmaids were also there in their Jim-jams all giggly and quite excited. So a few shots to capture the overall feel. The flowers were amazing; mainly roses in different shades of pink supplied by Vicky Jackson (groom's sister and best lady). The bridesmaids' would have sprays of gypsophila. Then of course the dress from Elegance Bridal was hanging and looking very elegant.

If the bride is at the venue I like to make the first visit brief as I can go back later once the girls are dressed and ready. So off to find the chaps (and chapess). Lee felt it right that his sister should be his main support and asked her to take on the role of Best Lady. Unfortunately his father was too unwell to be there and his mum was taken some time back so I suppose he was relying on his sister for support. They were just arriving and looking good. Vicky had the rings bought at Argos as a matching pair, both in white gold. I took a few photos and included the Usher - young Ben and Claire's dad, Kevin. The suits came from Alfred Angelo.

Back to see the girls. Wow - they looked stunning! The bridesmaid dresses were grey and quite fitted. Mum, Sharon was ready also looking really lovely in a dark blue dress with a turquoise jacket.Then dad appeared! Would there be tears? A few held back, trying to come through, but they all did very well! It wasn't long before Kaydie from the hotel gave the knock. "Are you ready to go?" The ceremony was in the Crook Barn. Claire loved it when she came for a viewing, and it did look amazing yet again. The registrars are the best! They allowed me to photograph and video from the front so I captured the procession arriving and of course Lee - in tears - overwhelmed by emotion as he saw his fiancee walking up the aisle! Claire said later this was her favourite part of the day, looking at Lee as she walked towards him.

Plenty of photos outside. It was dry and thankfully quite mild. I don't remember hearing too many complaints about being cold! There were plenty of hugs, kisses and smiles. Isn't that what it should all be about? It didn't seem like 5 minutes until the wedding breakfast was being served in the large room. A nice size for the 60 guests. Stationery had all been handmade by the bride's sister and chief bridesmaid, Nicola Haywood. Speeches were first and very meaningful. A lot of emotion from Lee, kind words from Kevin and then the icing on the cake was the really heartfelt speech from Vicky. Lee must have been very proud. The food was amazing - perfect. Everyone commented on the atmosphere. It was brilliant; everyone was having a good time.

The evening reception was to start at 7.30. Michele was coming along to help to run the photo-booth.
It went down a storm, the guests loved it! Then first dance at 8.30 courtesy of James Arthur singing You Won't Let Go and played by the resident DJ. Some of the bridesmaids and their friends go to a dancing school and as a special treat they did a Flash Dance immediately after the first dance. This lifted the roof!

The couple met about 15 years ago in Nicola's pub. It wasn't long after that that Lee popped the question. Claire was racking her brains to remember how it came about! She told me that she was really looking forward to the day. She used Facebook to research shops for her dress but she ended up revisiting Elegance Bridal's page as there a dress there that was the perfect look for her. The day was amazing in every way. Claire's advice: Take your time to look around and make sure you get it how you want it to be and don't let others sway you. She thought she would be nervous being photographed but on the day she was just so much in the moment that there were no nerves and she just could not help but relax and smile!

From us, Altered Images - a great big congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Jackson. Wishing you all, many years of happiness together.
The final word comes from the young daughters - bridesmaids:

Friday, 11 November 2016

Kelly and Simon sitting in a tree.....

What a luxury for me this would be. Kelly lives within two minutes walk from my home so I could pop round in the morning to see her with her two bridesmaids, flower-girl and ring-girl, no problem. But first I had to go to Tankersley Manor to set up our photo-booth so it would be ready for the evening celebrations. Everything was quite calm when I arrived at the bride's home. A bit of music and hairdresser Lucy Kemp was brushing and combing and beautician Megan Lewis was beautifying away and it looked like everyone was loving it!

The flowers had already arrived from Millie's, our local florist. They looked amazing. A mixture of pure white roses with white freesias (these smell divine) set among gypsophila and other tiny buds that I did not recognize. Kelly had three small cameos of grandparents embedded in her bouquet. Ken and Carol from Phase 5 arrived just as I was photographing Kelly's dress. Kelly had bought it from Its Bliss along with the bridesmaids. Kelly's was ivory with a bejeweled bodice top and a layered net bottom and a long flowing cathedral veil. She should look good. The bridemaids were coral chiffon. The flowergirl and ring girl were going to wear cute little ivory dresses found ont' tinternet. I even managed to get photos of the rings. Kelly obviously would not trust the fellas with them! Both in white metal. Simon was going to have a plain band with a brushed finish from H. Samuel and Kelly was going to have a band studded with diamonds from F. Hinds. Kelly said that as soon as they both saw them they knew they were exactly what they were looking for.
A few final photos once the girls were ready. They looked amazing. Kelly's mum, Kim, looked amazing in her new cream dress but getting her to stop busying for two minutes for photos was a challenge! Then Dad arrived - I hope he wasn't going to get them roaring - Megan don't go yet you may be needed! But it was Dad, David, who needed the Kleenex! What emotion! I asked Kelly to make a message for Simon and OMG it was me who nearly made her cry as she poured her heart out to Simon!

Tankersley Manor was only ten minutes away. Simon was there, cool as a cucumber with his best man, Jason. Both looking very dapper in bright blue suits with ivory waist jackets bought from Slaters. The button-holes were very delicate, mainly gypsophila, with tiny freesias and hydrangea petals all in white. A few photos and then it wasn't long before the girls started to arrive.

Beth and Charlotte, daughters Summer and Sophie and the two Mums, Kim and Julie, arriving first in one of Tyson's limousines. The driver was then to return for Kelly and her Dad. We were OK for time. Simon and Jason had gone to see the registrars (they are so good from Barnsley register office) and the guests were now settled in the Pennine Conservatory being entertained by a harpist - I must find out who she was. Sam from Glamourpuss Weddings had prepared the ceremony room - it looked amazing and also the Tankersley Suite for the evening reception. She was there early with me.
Kelly arrived in good time with her Dad and we had time for a few photos before going in to say those immortal words. Kelly and Simon had always thought they would get married abroad but when they viewed Tankersley Manor they knew it would be perfect for them and provide everything they wanted.

The ceremony was really lovely. The newly-weds came out of the front doors to be greeted by a guard of honour by the guests with confetti, cheers, lots of hugs and kisses (of course).

A few photos and then it was back in for the wedding breakfast and some very kind words from Dad, Groom and Best-Man. It was quite emotional, even the cake from Amanda's was in tiers. The celebrations continued into the evening in the Tankersley Suite. How many friends? The room was packed to the rafters! The couple opened the dance floor with a dance to Feels Like Home by Chantel Kreviazuk and Kelly dancing with her dad to I Loved Her First by Heartland joined by Simon and his mum dancing to Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder. The guests made good use of our photo-booth - lots of fun! The DJ was fantastic - "One of the best DJs we have ever heard. Our guests said the same. He was brilliant".

Kelly and Simon met through mutual friends whilst enjoying a night out in a night club. They have now been together for eight and a half years. Kelly received an early Christmas present - a proposal and a ring on Christmas Eve! Kelly says she loved every minute of the day and wishes she could do it all again (best get some overtime in Simon). It was truly perfect - "Honestly, the best day of our lives". Kelly admits she was a bit stressed (OCD coming out!) and her tip to others is DON'T because on the day the little things don't matter. Your day will be perfect, no matter what. Photographer, Rob, was brilliant with us. He knew exactly what to do to get the perfect photos so we are now spoilt for choice.

After trying on over 30 dresses I finally found the one. I always knew I was going to be a nightmare! Everything has to be perfect. Although I did end up with exactly what I said I didn't want - A big sparkly dress LOL!!! I tried every style possible. Lace, plain, fishtail, you name it. When I put my dress on my Mum said "Kel, that is so you". So even though I set off not wanting that style, when I put it on I knew instantly it was the one and perfect for me.

Final words - The reception was wonderful. Speeches were fantastic. Food was lovely and all the guests commented on it. Tankersley Manor was so accommodating to everyone's needs. So it was off to Crete, somewhere the couple have not been before. An amazing holiday - the hotel was out of this world (are you sure it was not Mars?) We just want to add that we wish to thank all the people that helped make our day one to remember, forever!!!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Elizabeth and Julius say I do.

What a lovely couple. Young, good looking and full of life and loving life. I knew when I first met them that their wedding would be special. Getting married at my local church - Christ Church, Brampton Bierlow and going on to another favourite, Rogerthorpe Manor.
I caught up with Elizabeth at her home to see Kim Law and Janine Clarke preparing the bridal party's hair and Katie Daley, Beth Carney and Sam Williams doing the make-up. It was nice and relaxed and the beauticians seemed very well organised and of course the bride and her bridesmaids were already looking amazing. The bride's dress was hung up and looked good supplied by Cupid Connections of Barnsley. The six bridesmaid's dresses and the flower girl's in pink were ordered off the internet. The flowers arrived from Petite Fleurs. I am no flower expert but these looked really good, pink and white carnations in a cloud of gypsophila and pink throngs. I just had time to grab a couple of photos with the girls all dressed and of course with mum - she looked stunning. In fact the entire bridal party looked amazing with Elizabeth being the focus. The dress really was the icing on the cake, it really showed Elizabeth off, she had picked the perfect dress for her. Cartwright's Cars with my good friends Kevin and Philip were waiting outside and the car was gleaming. Dad arrived and he was stunned when he saw his daughter. She knew she was pulling at his heart strings and a few tears started to come through.

No time to loose, I had to get to the church. Julius was there with his chaps, all looking very smart and in good shape just like myself. Another first class supplier, Top Mark had supplied the suits. Three piece, modern style in bright blue contrasting nicely with the flowers and pink colour scheme. The best man had the rings from James Hadley's Find Diamonds. A plain white band for Julius and a delicate half eternity, diamond studded ring for Elizabeth.

Our vicar was Carol. She told me that she normally does not allow any photographs in the church but very kindly she said she would allow me to get a photo of Elizabeth walking up the aisle with her father and from the gallery at the back of the church. I am always respectful of the clergy's wishes in church. It is a religious ceremony and that should be the focus. It is not a performance but I also feel it is an occasion that couples will wish to remember and relive those moments by looking at photos. Personally I have all but lost the memories of my own wedding and I would have loved to have seen some of the highlights in print but it was not to be. Anyway the bride arrived and the service was beautiful. We had a guard of honour at the front of the church and some family photos in the grounds. Christ Church is a splendid church and it looked beautiful with flowers bathed in warm afternoon sunshine.

On to Rogerthorpe. Elizabeth asked me to do one of our special heart-shaped group photos so that was my priority on arrival then a few group photos. It was sweltering! It was a case of using the shade as much as possible with the use of some fill in flash for most photos. I asked the couple if they would leave their intimate photos until after the wedding breakfast when the Sun would be lower and the light a little kinder. Wedding breakfast was good as it always is at Rogerthorpe, with Karen looking after the wedding details for the hotel. Speeches followed. It seemed such a shame to cut the cake. It was very unusual and magnificent made by Lindsay Marie Cake Designs.The piano was played during the wedding breakfast by David Robertshaw.

We grabbed a few more photos in the grounds later. The gardens at Rogerthorpe are some of the best in the area and more than enough to keep any photographer happy. We even managed to get a few photos in the farmer's field next door as the Sun went down. The couple were radiant.
Later in the evening the wedding party made good use of our photo booth. This ended the day with quite a few laughs! The first dance was to Nathan Sykes - Over and Over Again followed by Elizabeth dancing with her dad to I Loved Her First by Heartland to be joined by Julius and his mum.
DJ was Pro Sounds Discos. I asked the couple how they met and it seems they knew each other for most of their lives right from playgroup and on to school. Really becoming close friends during the past 15 years. Julius proposed using a special jigsaw puzzle - very unusual! Elizabeth said the special part of the day was for her being escorted by her father up the church aisle to see Julius peering back at her and the whole church ceremony. She loved it. Carol had become a good friend and her service was beautiful.
It truly was one of the most amazing days of our lives, everything went smoothly. The weather was great and everything and everyone looked beautiful. A day we will never forget.

So what advice can the couple offer others? "Go with your instincts and enjoy every moment. The dress was important. I knew it was the one from the first moment I saw it. Once I was in it I felt like a princess; beautiful and confident. It made my Maid of Honour cry. I was worried how I would feel being photographed but I felt so at ease and so natural. The food at Rogerthorpe was amazing and there was plenty - but I knew it would be as we are regulars at Rogerthorpe! Looking forward now to spending our honeymoon in Lanzarote for the third time with our 3 year old daughter, Sydney".
All of our best wishes for a long and happy life together.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Linda and Michael tie the knot at Rogerthorpe Manor

It was going to be another hot day! Linda was getting ready at Rogerthorpe Manor and when I arrived Laura Wilkes had just finished doing the girls' hair and Phoebe Paver was finishing off our beautiful bride's makeup, and she was looking amazing. A few photos of the four bridesmaids and little Freya, (daughter, flower-girl, princess for the day).The dress was looking good from Elite Bridal, I just needed to move some of the clutter to get a photo of it. Linda says she only went to one shop and tried on four dresses and fell in love with it. The bridesmaids' dresses were coral and came from Debenhams. All was going to time, no rushing, no stress. It is important to make sure the beauticians get finished early. Time and time again I have seen beauticians running really late and it spoils the whole experience.

Ok, leave the girls to get dressed and off to see the chaps arriving. They turned up in a super-stretched Hummer supplied by All Stars Limousines. Plenty of time for photos and of course the rings being looked after by the Best Man, Wes. Both were white gold. Michael's had a single row of diamonds and Linda's had two. They came from Warren James and Argos. Linda says as soon as she saw them she knew they were perfect for them. The fellows wore blue three pieces suits from Topmark, with cravats and handkerchiefs to match the bridesmaids' dresses. They looked really smart.

Back to see the girls for fifteen minutes or so. All dressed and looking fantastic. The flowers were here; a mixture of peach roses and white gerberas by Mrs Bouquet. Dad arrived. A few hugs, kisses and tears and all ready to go. I knew the registrars well. From Wakefield. One of the ladies had officiated at my own daughter's wedding. Really lovely, amenable people. The bride came in with her dad after the bridesmaids. So of course the ceremony went well with three readings by friends Claire, Daz and Bram. After the legalities the couple were greeted by their guests with cheers and handfuls of confetti in the back garden.

Linda wanted a heart shaped group photo taken from above and a few other groups. She also tossed a bouquet through the air to her girl friends. It was sweltering! Eventually I accompanied the couple into the breakfast room to get a few photos and of course the cake, made by a friend, before allowing the guests to enter. Linda and Michael chose Rogerthorpe as they say it is a beautiful place with amazing food. They often come for a meal in the Jacobean restaurant. Speeches and kind words were given after the breakfast. This was an early wedding so we still had all afternoon left and time for lots more photos. I encouraged the couple to go for a little walk. I am always conscious that I do not want to infringe upon their day but we had oodles of time so I think they were happy to leave the guests for fifteen minutes. We went into a wheat field and got some beautiful photos of them against a deep blue sky. They already had told me they don't feel comfortable being photographed but this certainly was not the case. They looked so at ease in front of my lens and now have some great memories of a fantastic day. Then to get the party started the couple danced to Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran. Music by Lee Booth from Prosound Discos.

So Linda, how did he pop the question? It was thirteen years ago (Michael does not like to rush things), whilst out having a picnic. And what did the couple like most about the day? The ceremony did it for Linda - it was so memorable. Michael added that the reception and food were brilliant, good portions and staff were really helpful and could not do enough for you. Advice for others? "Enjoy every minute because it goes too quickly and try not to get stressed about things you cannot change".
Honeymoon will have to wait until next year until the bank account starts to recover! Tenerife here we come.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

When Erin married Lee Evans sparks were sure to fly.

It was the last weekend in July and it was looking like it was going to be the hottest day of the year. Great for a wedding you may think but blistering sunlight can be a photographer's second worst nightmare - after rain of course! I was to meet the bride early up at the Hawkhills in Easingwold. It was a beautiful venue with a tree lined drive that seemed to go on forever. It was stunning. Erin was there with her parents, bridesmaid and flower girl all being prepared by Rebecca Shann from Tadcaster. Erin had collected photos from Pinterest for inspiration to show Becky how she wanted her hair and makeup. Erin says Becky offers a fabulous service and is amazing at her job.
I hung Erin's dress above the window in the bridal suite next door. The curtain pole must have been ten feet up! It was a gorgeous period room with oodles of finery and a very contemporary en-suite. The dress was a very elegant T-length with a lacy skirt. Maggie from Finery Bridal in Sherburn in Elmet showed Erin the dress and that was it, it had to be that one. She also had a full range of Dessy bridesmaids dresses with a full choice of styles and colours to match the blue colour scheme. "The service was personal, friendly and all round superb service", says Erin. The bridal flowers came from Melanie's Flowers in Tadcaster. "I've had flowers from there before and they've always been fresh and kept fantastically. The girls at the shop took my ideas and worked with them to provide really informal flowers that suited the look and feel of the wedding I wanted".

It was quite a journey to All Saints Church in Sherburn in Elmet. I always seem to be rushing and it wasn't getting any cooler even with the air con on full blast. Lee was having a pensive five minutes alone at the back church sat on a small bench admiring the vista to York and beyond. He was happy to let me join him for a while. He looked really dapper in his Tweed and Chinos bought at Moss Bros. That was a great choice as the chaps could wear them again after the wedding. Colour was right. I thought the tweed would be too hot but the jackets were deceivingly light weight. So where were the rings? Lee 2; aka Best Man, had them. A white gold band with a single stone for Lee and a diamond encrusted band for Erin. They had been totally personalised to the couple's specification by Forever Wedding Rings. The jeweller made a home visit making the choice very relaxed and an exciting part of the wedding planning.

The bride was on her way. The bride and groom had been to a few festivals with friends and their beloved 'Edgar'. 'Edgar' was a VW Combi and that had to be the choice of transport. However poor Edgar coughed and spluttered for the last time the day before the wedding and was no more. So Erin made her way in a blue and white Comer van quickly seconded for the job.
The church was idyllic. It was Lee's family church. The service was really personal and thankfully cooler inside the church. After the necessary confetti and hugs and kisses it was off to Hawkhills for the Wedding Breakfast and reception. After visiting a few venues Lee told me this had to be the one. It had a mix of tradition and modern and the couple had it exclusively to themselves for all weekend. There were lots of kids at the wedding and this was a lovely, safe environment for them to run around in. After speaking with Maria, the coordinator, and the staff, Erin found them all so friendly and accommodating that it was an easy choice to make for her also.

Speeches outside on the lawn! Followed by an amazing wedding breakfast and of course the wine flowed! Not to mention the cocktail bar on the lawn to keep the guests in the party mood. And the cake of course. It had to be Colin the Caterpillar from Marks and Spencers. All family celebrations had Colin as a central part so it was only right he should appear again, except this time he was joined by his new girlfriend, Connie! And if that was not enough a sweetie cart from Yorkshire Confectionery was stood for those with a sweet tooth. To round the day off the couple opened the dance floor early dancing to 'Shut Up and Dance with me' being sung by Duvet, the ultimate covers band. Lee and Erin - a bit lively - well there's an understatement. To be followed by heaps of vibes from DJ Chris Marsden.

Erin told me that she met Lee about 6 years ago in a local pub, at a random evening just having a friendly pint. Lee was an electrician so it wasn't long before there was a spark between these two. Then at Christmas in the morning, just before their little girl woke up, Lee presented a gift bag with the big question there on its gift tag. Advice for others? "Just do what you want to do and only then start to consider your guests". What about shopping for the wedding? "I thought I'd found the perfect dress, but when I went to a local bridal shop Maggie persuaded me to try on a dress whilst I was there. She brought one out and that was it! I changed the dress to suit my style, which was no problem at all".
Is there to be a honeymoon? (Honeymoon btw was a period of 1 month that a fellow would abduct a girl for and hide her away, trapped, feeding her on honey. If she hadn't been found during that month then he could claim the right to marry her - she had no say in the matter - this was man's stuff.) No honeymoon though for Erin and Lee. They have just started a new business to keep on top of. However one of the fabulous friends booked them in a two nights getaway as a surprise and no doubt a couple of days relaxation won't go amiss.
Best wishes from us all here for a long and prosperous life and let the sparks keep flying!
Photographed by Robert from Altered Images.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Princess Nicola marries her Prince Andrew

I always enjoy photographing weddings. There's so much love in the air and the bride and groom spend so much time carefully planning all the details. It was not any different for Nicola's and Andrew’s wedding, either!

 The wedding and reception was at Aston Hall. They danced their first dance to “How long will I love you?” by Ellie Golding.

 A few more people that helped their wedding go off without a hitch were:


Oh no! Rain. Raining all morning and still raining as I approached the Hall. I had all my fingers and toes crossed hoping it would stop. Nicola had her heart set on getting married on the front lawns in the beautiful new pavilion. Yippee it stopped whilst I was getting some photos as the girls were getting ready. They looked amazing!
So it was all on and after getting the photos of the fellas – very dapper I should add – I got set up to capture some photos of Nicola walking up the aisle with her dad. Oh no! Rain. Thank goodness it was just a flurry! Phew. And the Sun shone and shone and shone!

I love to find out how the couple met and proposed. Nicola met Andrew six years ago and had a first date. Andrew being a real romantic proposed just as they were finishing opening their Christmas presents in 2014.

“I I had seen dress on pinterest and was describing this dress everywhere I went. some places had similar dresses but it wasn't THE dress. I eventually went to Georgian bridal house and THE dress was the first one I looked at. I loved it straight away without even trying it on.”Ihad seen a dress on Pinterest and was describing this dress everywhere I went. Some places had similar dresses but it wasn’t THE dress. I eventually went to Georgian bridal house and THE dress was the first one I looked at. I loved it straight away without even trying it on.”

about 6 years ago we went on our first 'date'about 6 years ago we went on our first 'date'about 6 years ago we went on our first 'date'about 6 years ago we went on our first 'date'about 6 years ago we went on our first 'dateWhen I asked Nicola what her favourite part of the wedding was, she said:

“The outdoor ceremony was amazing. It was the best day of our lives. Aston Hall was absolutely perfect from start to finish. Staff were amazing from the planning stages until after it was all over.”

You could tell they were really loving every minute of their special day surrounded by family and friends who loved them. 
As for me, one of my personal favourite moments of the wedding was when I was photographing just the two of them in romantic poses because they were so easy to work with and were clearly in love and relaxed with each other.
Okay, enough talk. Check out this gorgeous couple!

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Wedding ends with flashes and bangs!

It was one of those days where a photographer is on tenterhooks. Perfect for photos, a little overcast, no bright sun but will it rain? We hope not. I found Shona in one of her 6 bridesmaid's new homes in Leeds. Three of the girls were sprawled out, relaxing and enjoying a glass of fizz and there was Shona in the hot-seat, having her hair done by Harj Flora whilst Sarah Kay was working her magic on one of the bride's maids in the kitchen. The flowers had arrived already and were looking good in a long box. The bouquets had beautiful, pastel peach roses and orange rosebuds set amongst cream freesias and gypsophila supplied by Blooming Fantastic of Tingley. One of the bridesmaids took me upstairs to see the dress but she had to make an exit before I debagged it as none of them were allowed to see it before Shona had it on. It was a bit tight for space but I managed to hang it up on the landing for a quick photo. It was a lovely white lace-up with a lace neckline going over the shoulders with a net overlay covering the skirt. Shona says she tried on lots of dresses but she knew the first one she tried at Gowns UK was the right one for her. The bridesmaids' dress looked really elegant in a rose pink colour from Little Mistress.

On to meet up with the chaps at St Michael's Church in East Ardsley. The chaps were there looking good being videoed by Ken and Carol from Phase 5. Did the best-man have the rings? Yes, we are off to a good start. Aiden told me he bought Shona's ring from Earnest Jones and his came from Warren James. The chaps all wore grey tails with cravats to match the bridesmaid dresses and a pastel peach rose button hole to compliment the girls' flowers. Suits supplied by the Groom's Room in Ossett. It wasn't long before the first set of bridesmaids arrived. Unfortunately they could not all get in the car so Philip from Cartwrights was forced to make 3 trips instead of the planned two. I let the vicar know that the bride would be quite late because of this slight problem and he entertained the guests in church I am sure whilst we waited for the bride. The car took the bride's father from the church to meet Shona at her friend's home, so I didn't get to see the look on his face but I am sure there would have been a few tears as he was an emotional chap and Shona looked amazing.

The service was really lovely and I was kindly allowed to take photographs from the front of the church capturing all of the formalities. After the obligatory confetti and lots of hugs and kisses we toddled off to Bagden Hall in Scissett. A message had come through that the M1 was snarled up so it was a case of taking a long detour via Wakefield. Bagden Hall is a lovely venue  with plenty of grounds for group photos, a lake far enough away from the hall to get great photos with the hall in the background and of course the Folly which reminds me of the witch's house in Hansel and Gretel. The wedding breakfast room was stunning. There were hanging lanterns above the tables supplied by The Hanging Lantern Company, twinkle backdrops by Wedding Venue Lighting and huge martini glasses stuffed with flowers made the table centrepieces by Emma of Unique Wedding Flowers. The cake was emotional - it was in tiers, produced by Celebration Cakes.
So on to the evening reception with more guests arriving at 7.30. They loved our Photo Booth with its greenscreen and video. The resident DJ, Gary of Rhythm of your Choice plays cracking music and really make the guests feel welcome and in the party mood. First Danceat 8.30 was "How Long Will I Love You?" by Ellie Goulding. These two were loving it! There was even a fireworks display and oodles of sparklers but we had to wait until about 10.15 as the days are long in June!

The couple met during History Lessons at High School and that's where the romance blossomed. Shona was having her 21st birthday at Longleat Safari Park when out of the blue Aiden got down on one knee and said those all important words almost exactly ten years ago. So what next? A honeymoon in Mexico and a long and happy life together to look forward to. All our very best wishes to both of you.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Amy and Gareth tie the knot

Wow, was this the young lady I was speaking with only a few days earlier at Waterton Park? Her hair and make-up were finished when I arrived at about 10.00am on 27th May. She looked stunning, stood in her white bride-2-be gown. Kym Hurst had really made Amy look radiant. Her dress from Confetti and Lace was hung on the wardrobe waiting to be slipped on. It was a lace up and semi-fishtail style. It looked so slender hanging there. Amy told me that she went shopping with her Maid of Honour; she spotted the dress and told her to try it on. "When I did both her and the shop assistant burst into tears. That's how I knew it was the one". The bridesmaid dresses also came form Confetti and Lace and these were in coral taffeta. The flowers arrived later brought by Mum and these were pastel roses in cream and coral to match the dresses. The bride had a teardrop bouquet, all supplied by The Flower Shack.

So off to see the chaps. Of course they were over the bridge in Walton Hall. I expected to find them in Charlie's Bar but they were being good chatting in the sunshine at the front. The best man didn't have the rings - these were being guarded by Amy - just in case! They had chosen these at H Samuel. The fellas really did look smart. Gareth looked amazing. I don't think he is used to suit and tie but the suits from Top Mark made him and the fellas look like proper gentlemen.

The ceremony went really well. The registrars from Wakefield are always so kind and gentle. Amy read a lovely piece to Gareth and there were also tear-jerking reading from Amy's Mum and her partner. Really lovely. Later to be followed by a wedding breakfast and more tear-jerking words from Amy's Mum and a few words from Gareth which truly showed how much he adores Amy. What a gentleman he is. Wedding venue lighting supplied the aisle runner, twinkling arch, twinkling cake table, swags and twinkling top table swag.
Then the party! Dancing to Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud".  "Gaz heard this song before it was even released and said he immediately thought of me so that's why we chose it" Resident DJ Shane kept banging out the tunes until midnight.

I wanted to know more about these two! Amy told me she met Gareth about 8 years ago through mutual friends. Gaz put rose petals all over Amy's bed on her birthday and then got down on one knee when she saw them. How romantic.
So how did you enjoy the day? "Waterton Park is an amazing place with lovely staff. It has been the best day of my life - a lot better than I ever imagined it would be. The food was excellent and our three children made a speech which made me so proud and made me cry."
Any advice for others Amy? "Don't stress, enjoy the planning and the run up because it flies by and before you know it the day has been and gone. I don't normally like having my photograph taken but on the day I was really at ease."
Honeymoon? "We are just having a little weekend away. Just the two of us in Leicestershire".

All of us at Altered Images wish you both every happiness and a long life together. What an amazing couple.

Salvation Army does this lovely couple proud.

Wow, what an amazing day for this lovely couple. The sun shone and the birds sang! Two soldiers, Rachael and Nick set sail on the sea of life together as Mr and Mrs Hamlett. The bride looked stunning in a really elegant dress - "Persia by Modeca" supplied by the Bridal Gown in Otley. The bridesmaids were a close second only really surpassed by the bride herself, wearing teal dresses from Lindy Bop. The flowers were a blend of roses and freesias in a variety of pastel hues and these really were the finishing touches to the beautiful outfits; supplied by Cathryn at Methley.


The couple were married at the Central Leeds Salvation Army Hall. This is a magnificent venue. The hall itself is huge with a beautiful stage large enough to accommodate an orchestra and a huge gallery at the back to rival the very best theatres in the city. Gospel Roots Brass Band had set themselves up off the stage and were entertaining the guests as they arrived with well chosen and quite mellow pieces. The stage was reserved for guitarists and singers. So on to the groom and his men: Nick was really well heeled; real dapper, proper smart! The suits were from Suits Direct and the chaps carried them well - not unlike myself I must say when I was their age.
What a beautiful ceremony. Really amazing and the Salvation Army really did go the extra mile to make this couple feel like a prince with his new princess. Married by their own friends and lieutenants - I am sorry I cannot recall their names - but also a lovely, genuine, young couple. I knew they would be there longer than they planned! Of course they would be, with the hall packed to the rafters with family and friends all wanting to wish them the very best life can bring. But eventually through the guard of honour, we left for Denton Hall in Ilkley.

Me, being me, nosey or rather curious, I was interested in how Nick and Rachael met and got to know each other. They told me they were brought up to be good honest people attending different churches connected with the Salvation Army but it was at a music camp in 201l when their eyes met and that was to become the start of their beautiful relationship with each other. Three years later whilst on holiday in Cyprus, Nick had mustered enough courage to pop the question. He took Rachael on a romantic drive up into the Troodos Mountains. Rachael says the spot was idyllic, secluded with beautiful views of the ocean in front of them with the perfume of pine from the forest behind them. That is when it happened! Down on one knee, Nick asked the big questions and with tears in her eyes Rachael said YES! Now having known each other for almost 6 years, from their first meetings when Rachael was 19 and Nick 23 we can now present the new Mr and Mrs and we wish them every kindness and joy this life can offer and to grasp every opportunity to make the world a better place for themselves and everyone around them.
Photography by Altered Images.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Awards Finalists - Again.

We are so chuffed! It has been announced that we have reached the finals of the I Do Magazine Awards in the Best Photographer category. It is looking like I will have to get the dress suit and bow tie out again. The second time in only two months! The Award ceremony will be in Sheffield this time so it won't mean a hotel for the night and no fines for driving into congestion zones this time. It cost me £130.00 in fines last month. That was on top of being ripped off by a London cabbies taking us the scenic route from the hotel to the Awards venue. 3 mile trip took almost a full hour due to his scenic detours. Tube fairs and another taxi to get back. So this should be a lot easier. I love Yorkshire. This could be another "I've got nothing to wear" moments for Michele. She looks amazing in anything but I can see a posh frock moment lurking.
But most importantly, I must add a BIG, MASSIVE BIG THANK YOU to all of you wonderful couples who we have photographed during the past year who have made this all happen for us. We feel so humble. The comments you made about what we do brought tears to my eyes. We love you all. We meet as strangers but leave as life long friends. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. xxx

Monday, 28 March 2016

Good Friday for Laura and Tom at Tankersley Manor

This couple were so lucky! The weather was awful on Thursday and Saturday was looking pretty grim also, but Good Friday was beautiful. A lovely sunny day. The wedding took place at Tankersley Manor in Barnsley on 25th March 2016 with a breakfast in the Manor Suite and reception in the Conservatory.

 Bride's dress by Celebrations Bridal of Ossett
 Hair and makeup by Sophie from Loaf of Woodseats.
 Flowers by Amaryllis Floral Design of Ossett
 Venue Dressing by Glamourpuss Weddings of Wombwell
 Cake by Lacey Cakes of Wakefield
 DJ by ADP Events.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Leanne and Andrew tied the knot!

Altered Images.
What a beautiful day. The first really lovely day of the year and not just the weather. The Sun did shine. It was a bit cool but the nicest day following a winter of wind and rain. I love weddings as you all know but I knew this was going to be an amazing day. I could smell it in the air as I drove through Doncaster and on to Mount Pleasant in Rossington to catch up with our bride and all of her girls. Mount Pleasant is one of my favourite venues. It is a dream location for wedding photos and the rooms are just wonderful. I first bumped into Chloe, from Weddings By Chloe; dressing the function room. She was a busy bee and still had lots to do so I made a swift exit to find our bride for the day. Found her! The rooms were in chaos! Hairdresser and Beautician were well into their stride working on the bridesmaids. The bride was done - yippee! Still in her robes of course. So here we are - with the stunning Leanne and her girls: sister Sophie, Rachel 1, Rachel 2, Hayley, Ellie and our cute princess Harriett who had left her palace for the day. Mum - Liz was enjoying the wine and taking a few photos of her own - hope she got my best side. So a few photos later and we were ready. Dad John arrived with his mandatory Kleenex. The look on this man's face and the beams from his beautiful daughter! So off to the church - in a dash as I always get away too late! The sun is still shining - yippee! Chaps were all at the church greeting the guests. We even had rings and orders of service. These chaps meant business. Andrew looked good - a bit apprehensive - well actually more like a rabbit caught in headlights. Best man, bro Nick: ushers, Colin, Purgo, Michael and Tom all on the ball giving out orders of service and really getting into their duties. Dad David filled his suit well - well it happens to all us chaps. Mum Karen really proud of her son. Of course I paid my respects to Father Andrew at St. Wilfrid's Church (in Cantley by the way, I omitted to say). A real gentleman, there's not many of us about. He would let me do anything, he said! So with tripod set up first duty is to get my macros to work on those rings and then get these fellas loosened up for the proceedings. All went like a dream. What a bunch of lads! Service went really well. Father Andrew did slap Andrew at one point when he caught him glowering at Nick when he asked the congregation "If anyone here present knows of any reason..." Out of the church to thunderous applause for the new Mr and Mrs Mountain and the required confetti of course and the obligatory kisses! More photos, more laughs, more smiles, more hugs - wow this is what weddings are all about. Michael was chauffeuring. He had polished his Merc (I think it was a white Merc). He even brought a bottle of fizz and two glasses. Before long we were off to Mount Pleasant in Rossington. Only about 15 minutes' drive. David was the hotel host and he was there on the red carpet armed with yet another two glasses of fizz. He really does know how to treat his wedding guests and mostly importantly the bride and groom. Guests were there already waiting. They all looked amazing in their finery. As always I launched into group photos in the fantastic gardens at the back of the hotel. The daffodils were all in their splendour. Swing was newly strung and the bridge had had its spring clean. A bit of fun with the groom's men and bride's maids then for the romantic stuff. This couple looked so happy together. Radiant bride and her handsome groom. Before long the wedding breakfast was underway. I took the bride and groom into the reception room before the guests to get a few photos, check it out and photograph the cake. It all looked amazing. A sort of shabby-chic look to the table decor and chair ties. Guests were welcomed in and before long the speeches were underway. John said plenty of kind words about his daughter - did we really need to know how she liked to dress when she was little? Andrew was a little emotional and expressed his love for his new wife, only to be later ribbed by his brother telling tales of their youth. Not sure how the sunglasses fitted in! We managed a few more photos in the evening. Sophie was going back to Perth, Australia the next day so we need plenty of photos of her with her family. On to the first dance. An unusual choice of song - Once in a lifetime by Landon Austin. Followed by bride dancing with her dad to be joined by the groom with his tearful mum! And all the guests of course. What an amazing day!