Leanne and Andrew tied the knot!

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What a beautiful day. The first really lovely day of the year and not just the weather. The Sun did shine. It was a bit cool but the nicest day following a winter of wind and rain. I love weddings as you all know but I knew this was going to be an amazing day. I could smell it in the air as I drove through Doncaster and on to Mount Pleasant in Rossington to catch up with our bride and all of her girls. Mount Pleasant is one of my favourite venues. It is a dream location for wedding photos and the rooms are just wonderful. I first bumped into Chloe, from Weddings By Chloe; dressing the function room. She was a busy bee and still had lots to do so I made a swift exit to find our bride for the day. Found her! The rooms were in chaos! Hairdresser and Beautician were well into their stride working on the bridesmaids. The bride was done - yippee! Still in her robes of course. So here we are - with the stunning Leanne and her girls: sister Sophie, Rachel 1, Rachel 2, Hayley, Ellie and our cute princess Harriett who had left her palace for the day. Mum - Liz was enjoying the wine and taking a few photos of her own - hope she got my best side. So a few photos later and we were ready. Dad John arrived with his mandatory Kleenex. The look on this man's face and the beams from his beautiful daughter! So off to the church - in a dash as I always get away too late! The sun is still shining - yippee! Chaps were all at the church greeting the guests. We even had rings and orders of service. These chaps meant business. Andrew looked good - a bit apprehensive - well actually more like a rabbit caught in headlights. Best man, bro Nick: ushers, Colin, Purgo, Michael and Tom all on the ball giving out orders of service and really getting into their duties. Dad David filled his suit well - well it happens to all us chaps. Mum Karen really proud of her son. Of course I paid my respects to Father Andrew at St. Wilfrid's Church (in Cantley by the way, I omitted to say). A real gentleman, there's not many of us about. He would let me do anything, he said! So with tripod set up first duty is to get my macros to work on those rings and then get these fellas loosened up for the proceedings. All went like a dream. What a bunch of lads! Service went really well. Father Andrew did slap Andrew at one point when he caught him glowering at Nick when he asked the congregation "If anyone here present knows of any reason..." Out of the church to thunderous applause for the new Mr and Mrs Mountain and the required confetti of course and the obligatory kisses! More photos, more laughs, more smiles, more hugs - wow this is what weddings are all about. Michael was chauffeuring. He had polished his Merc (I think it was a white Merc). He even brought a bottle of fizz and two glasses. Before long we were off to Mount Pleasant in Rossington. Only about 15 minutes' drive. David was the hotel host and he was there on the red carpet armed with yet another two glasses of fizz. He really does know how to treat his wedding guests and mostly importantly the bride and groom. Guests were there already waiting. They all looked amazing in their finery. As always I launched into group photos in the fantastic gardens at the back of the hotel. The daffodils were all in their splendour. Swing was newly strung and the bridge had had its spring clean. A bit of fun with the groom's men and bride's maids then for the romantic stuff. This couple looked so happy together. Radiant bride and her handsome groom. Before long the wedding breakfast was underway. I took the bride and groom into the reception room before the guests to get a few photos, check it out and photograph the cake. It all looked amazing. A sort of shabby-chic look to the table decor and chair ties. Guests were welcomed in and before long the speeches were underway. John said plenty of kind words about his daughter - did we really need to know how she liked to dress when she was little? Andrew was a little emotional and expressed his love for his new wife, only to be later ribbed by his brother telling tales of their youth. Not sure how the sunglasses fitted in! We managed a few more photos in the evening. Sophie was going back to Perth, Australia the next day so we need plenty of photos of her with her family. On to the first dance. An unusual choice of song - Once in a lifetime by Landon Austin. Followed by bride dancing with her dad to be joined by the groom with his tearful mum! And all the guests of course. What an amazing day!


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