Awards Finalists - Again.

We are so chuffed! It has been announced that we have reached the finals of the I Do Magazine Awards in the Best Photographer category. It is looking like I will have to get the dress suit and bow tie out again. The second time in only two months! The Award ceremony will be in Sheffield this time so it won't mean a hotel for the night and no fines for driving into congestion zones this time. It cost me £130.00 in fines last month. That was on top of being ripped off by a London cabbies taking us the scenic route from the hotel to the Awards venue. 3 mile trip took almost a full hour due to his scenic detours. Tube fairs and another taxi to get back. So this should be a lot easier. I love Yorkshire. This could be another "I've got nothing to wear" moments for Michele. She looks amazing in anything but I can see a posh frock moment lurking.
But most importantly, I must add a BIG, MASSIVE BIG THANK YOU to all of you wonderful couples who we have photographed during the past year who have made this all happen for us. We feel so humble. The comments you made about what we do brought tears to my eyes. We love you all. We meet as strangers but leave as life long friends. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. xxx


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