Sunday, 19 February 2017

Saving Tips - Wedding Photography

Wedding photographs are blooming important. They are one of the most special mementos that you have after your wedding. Your children will look through them and their children after them, let alone the many times you yourself will browse through remembering the best day of your life. While we think it is essential you choose the best professional you can find, we also maintain that there are still ways to save and stick to your budget, so here are our top tips:

1) All wedding photographers tend to advertise a flat rate, which will normally be a few hours at a hourly fee. You can save money by asking them for their day rate and hiring them for a full day instead. Bonus point: no time constraint will make you more relaxed without clock watching when posing for the wedding photographs!
2) Again, photographers tend to advertise set bundles, which will normally involve an album and a certain amount of printed images. Settle for the basic fee and make your own wedding album! You can always add extras if you have cash left or print some, or most of the wedding photographs yourself. Just make sure you have top quality paper available so the photos will last forever. A good photographer will allow you to come back for an album later.

3) Find out if your desired photographer will offer a discount based on a referral. Word of mouth dominates the wedding industry, so this is often the case with a lot of professional photographers. Remember to always mention who it was that referred you in the first place!
4) Invest in buying a print licence of your wedding photographs. That way, they will be yours exclusively, which means you can print as many copies as you want and at a time when you have some extra cash.
5) Book as soon as you possibly can. Photographers will often have a discount for advanced bookings, which you can definitely utilize!

6) Some photographers are amazing with technology and will add fantastic add-ons such as video, Facebook articles etc often at no extra cost. Ask what extras the photographer can offer.


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