Best Wedding Photographer - 2017 - Its official

So we had been shortlisted again by I Do Awards as Best Wedding Photographer of 2017. This was a super achievement on its own. We were shortlisted also last year. This year the Presentation Ceremony was going to be a grand event yet again. With Jo-Jo from Hallam FM announcing the winners. The day arrived - 16th May 2017. Michele had a new frock and I dressed up like a penguin - again. Category after category was announced - Best Cake Maker, Best Venue, Best Stationer, Best Bridal Wear and so on. Then Best Photographer. I saw Michele tense up - her heart stopped. We were named along with five other quality photographers. And the winner is ....... Altered Images.
OMG. I don't know how I made it to the stage and Michele was struggling to walk in those enormous new heels. So, we had done it. On reflection we have worked hard. We produce quality but the most important thing we have learnt is to treat our customers like Royalty. The bride at her wedding is our Princess and the bridegroom is our Prince. That is our philosophy.Then finalising the wedding we know we have done our job well when they see their album for the first time and that give away tear is just there. We love this job. And it would not be fair without me saying how much I adore my own wife, respect her. She is my rock, always there, always supporting. I love you.


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