Congratulations to Rebecca and Andrew

We met up at Rogerthorpe Manor a week or so before the wedding to chat and plan the arrangements for the big day. The Sun was shining and the grounds at Rogerthorpe were amazing as always so we made use of the light and took a few engagement photos. These two look so happy together; always smiling and clearly so much in love.

So the big day finally arrived! The weather was not quite as kind and it looked like rain was due. I arrived at Rogerthorpe Manor early with Michele to assemble our Photo Booth in the conservatory. Samantha from Glamourpuss weddings had just finished dressing the room for the wedding breakfast and it looked stunning. Cadbury's purple - a neat choice.

Rebecca was in the bridal suite getting ready. The bridal suite at Rogerthorpe is to die for. Hannah (Hair by Hannah) was doing the hair and make-up. Laura was the senior bridesmaid and three flower-girls, Ellie, Charlotte and baby Grace. Ellie insisted that at nine she was a bridesmaid! Mum Amanda was looking good and dad Clive kept popping in and out looking for pins and other things like fellas do usually to be shouted at and told to go away! And there was the dress - wow - from Jaynes in Doncaster along with the bridesmaids dresses. I managed to clear a spot in the window to hang the dress and get a photo along with a few other special items. Keepsakes for ones sadly missed and a special present from the lucky fella. Dad was eventually allowed in to see his daughter when she was ready and she did look absolutely stunning. The flowers arrived from Blossem.   She had been putting flowers in the breakfast room earlier and the unusual spelling on her jacket caught my eye. "Its blossoms by Emma" - I see.

I shot off to the church. St Peters at Askern. Rebecca and the bridal party were to follow me in cars supplied by Cartwrights. Their cars are all superb and Philip - chauffeur - is such a gentleman (there's not many of us about)! We could not have hoped for worse weather. The heavens had decided to let us have all they had. But the lads and lass (Andrew passed the honour of Best Man to his sister Mel who was today the Best Lady) braved the elements outside albeit quite quickly. The rings were shiny and ready to be worn. They came from Ernest Jones as the couple said they were the best quality. Suits made the fellas look very smart - from Greenwoods in Doncaster.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to have any photos in the church. I did want to go back in after the ceremony for a few with the bride and groom but I think Rebecca just wanted to get off to Rogerthorpe. The rain was still bouncing and I think we were all hoping for an opening in the clouds later at Rogerthorpe. Still, me being me, I did make the guests form a guard of honour to greet the new Mr and Mrs as they left church. A little wetting never hurt anyone - did it girls?

And so it was back to Rogerthorpe. I did say a little prayer on the way for a let up in the rain and my prayers were duly answered. It wasn't completely dry but we did manage to get a large group photo outdoors and then after everyone had raced for cover I managed to get a few photos using the new amazing pavilion in the grounds as an umbrella. Andrew told me that they love Rogerthorpe and often go for a meal at weekend. They both decided to get married there as it is simply a great venue.

And so the festivities went on. Guests were welcomed with complimentary drinks and entertained by an amazing harpist.With very moving speeches before the breakfast courtesy of son Oliver, Dad, Groom and Best Lady. The cake was emotional - in tiers - made by a friend who Rebecca works with. It even had little Rebecca and Andy!!! Brilliant! The evening went well with a first dance "A Thousand Years" - it seemed to go on forever - by Ed Sheeran. The couple's fave song. To be followed by a little jaunt with Dad.

 So what was the whole experience like? "We loved all of it! No single special part. A fantastic day from start to end. Rogerthorpe is an amazing venue; lots of food and top quality and fantastic Rob was brilliant!" Makes me blush!
How did you meet each other? "We met in our local pub. After 3 years, Andrew proposed properly, down on one knee. A proper gentleman."
Advice for others? "Plan ahead and save loads - lol".
Rebecca - how did you choose your dress? - "As a bride you just know what your princess dress looks like and you just know when you've found the right one."
A honeymoon in Mexico next for this lovely couple. 5 star luxury to look forward to.
Finally - our warmest best wishes go to the two of them and of course all of their family and friends. I always feel like I have made lots of new friends myself - a real pleasure for me.

Almost forget to mention. Andrew asked me if I could sort him out with a good head of hair in the photos. So here you go - the Ed Sheeran look - please don't say anything Rebecca!


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